The flagship of the Honda 4XC series, designed ” for excellence”, is a 9 metres rib, whose lines give emphasis to dynamism and sportiness. The tapered tubulars and the bending roll-bar characterize the side view, making the boat silhouette absolutely iconic. Indeed, H9 does not give up to comfort: the walkaround layout makes the main deck versatile and usable, while the cabin on lower deck is wide, luminous and well equipped. A perfect balance of fun and comfort, for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Rebel 47 Limousine

A maxi rib designed with the attention to detail typical of large yachts, which combines comfort, personality and performance.
The external tubulars, with D-section, have been designed for maximum usability of the space on deck, which in the exclusive Limousine version is pleasantly sheltered by glass railings that surmount the sides, connecting with the large windscreen. Inside, two large cabins characterized by maximum freedom of customization, for a truly tailored experience of navigation and life.

Strider 15

Strider 15 was the founder of a range which, later, has widened up to dimensions between 8 and 19 meters,
keeping a precise identity and an iconic style across models.

The new model, renewed in technical specs and lines, shows the same dynamic and strong character of its ancestor, in a contemporary mood.
The style is deeply contrasting with the edgy and laconic geometries, currently used for ribs; on the other hand, the restless energy vibration that this boat aims to suggest is conveyed through nervations, snorkels, the organig yet never redundant complexity of shapes.
Thus, the overall sensation of balance and coherence is not achieved by means of an often excessive simplification, bordering on flatness; rather by the careful control of details, stresses and materials.
The new hard top floats above the cockpit; the tubes taper towards the bow, increasing the stress of the lateral view.

GT370 with Anna Fendi

Italian spirit, creativity, pursuit of beauty, and a constant strive to innovation: these are the concepts joining Invictus Yacht and Anna Fendi,
two world-class representatives of Italian success across the globe, here in a joint project for the very first time.

The result of this unprecedented collaboration is a “Special Edition” of Invictus GT370, one of the most successful models by the Italian shipyard, where the stylist has designed interiors characterized by a thorough research on materials and by the presence of markedly contrasting colors.
This “Special Edition”, thanks to the choice of special furnishings, unique to the yachting world, represents a tribute to the thrill and style of long Grand Tours, as Anna Fendi says: “While decorating this yacht, I started thinking of travel as a concept, and I was inspired by old steamer trunks in parchment and Bulgarian leather. Following a precise color scheme and using materials not usually found in the yachting world, I tried to decorate this seaborne jewel in a very special way and with a strong personality.”

Abarth Tributo Ferrari

Red, shaped like a real racing car, with a considerable supply of power and maneuverability, this tender that is a tribute, in its shape and colour, to one of the most prestigious Italian automotive brands. The entire design is focused on the world of racing: central steering, details and dynamic lines, playing on voids and surfaces which bring out an outrageous sportive soul. The stern design is inspired by aeronautical shapes, culminating with the headrest support, derived from the roll-bars on Formula 1 racecars.

Lancia di Lancia

As the very first example of the merge of nautical and automotive design,
Lancia Lancia was already an event even before it was launched.

The work on surfaces creates a dialogue of solids and voids, leading the eye over the muscular exoskeleton, with its sportive character further enhanced by the choice of black for livery and hard top, while Martini Racing stripes brand the boat as part of an exclusive series of products.
The formal balance matches with a thoroughbred nature, in a boat that keeps its promises, easily exceeding 50 knots yet still safe and comfortable.

Ideal when taken out for a seaside rendez-vous or even to dock at the Venice Casino, Lancia di Lancia offers open-air excitement thanks to its convertible hard top and to the liveability of the deck. This is the first luxury Lancia on water, and it made is début in society by transporting some of the most famous Hollywood stars along the canals of Venice during the 66th Venice International Film Festival.

Grand Ocean

The refitting project which turned Golden Odissey, built in 1990 by Blohm+Voss, into the new Grand Ocean, has called for the need to give a new connotation to this 80-ft masterpiece, without betraying its original allure. The studio style, known for its organic forms and sleek and dynamic lines, has given way to the classic design that makes the works of Blohm+Voss recognizable; this new synthesis has been able to align the boat with the needs of a modern owner, thanks to a few well-considered gestures. The stern features a large beach area, which is very close to the waterline according to the modern owner’s needs. 

By changing the design of this part of the boat, the length overall has increased, while maintaining the well balanced side view thanks to the use of colours too. The dark colour of the external walls alongside the walk sides enhances the horizontal impetus and underlines the level of the various decks. The new interiors reflect the latest usage trends and they were designed with a sensitivity borrowed from civil architecture works; the quality of the spaces dialogues with the refinement of the details. To offer private moments of great charm, the master cabin is now towards aft, on the top deck, linked to an exclusive private terrace equipped with a small pool. All the furniture is custom made and combines luxurious materials in a contemporary and fresh style. Finally, a wide opening astern connects visually sun deck and top deck, allowing the perception of the harmony of paces.


Born to be noticed, Sessa C68 was awarded “Best Motoryacht Design of 2009,
under 24 mt length” at the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes in 2009.

Sessa Marine’s flagship boasts 21 meters and a new style concept. It is a sculptural work, where harmony replaces edges and colour is used to mould and bring out the boat’s lines. 

The interior is luxurious, with innovative features such as the master stateroom stretching over the full beam, which includes a large fully transparent bathroom, a chromotherapy shower, an open kitchen with a spectacular wine cellar, and a lounge area with a bar and integrated flat screen. It redefines the “cruiser” concept.


The new Cranchi flagship talks to the most aware
and demanding owners with the language of excellence.

The ease of onboard spaces has lead us towards a frankly architectural design, making use of freestanding furnitures and yet unconventional finishings for yachting, such as back-glazed glasses and fabric coatings for internal bulkheads.
Like in an exclusive mansion, wide openings join inside and outside, integrating natural light and sea into design.
The external decks are not conceived as a mere extension of inner rooms, but gain their own autonomy and identity through the use of custom furnitures and accessories, besides of a control over details which we pushed on to the constructive phase.

The 78 – Settantotto has been the ideal set to stage a new play: that of an intimate, surrounding, perfect yachting experience. The main character, once again, is the owner.


GT320 is the size that lies exactly between the series sisters, GT370 and GT280,
combining their predominant characteristics, ideal for those who do not like compromising.

From the GT range, it has inherited the key styles, design, comfort and performance. Rich and strong charactered materials, volume balance and the elegance of lines give back the distinct perception of beauty in every detail. Its compact dimensions do not deny the stated intention of matching the typical luxury level of larger boats. Ship-owners, seeking stylish, comfortable and performing boats, will have nothing to give up. Also for GT320, accessories and equipment are customizable with Atelier Invictus proposals.
Invictus GT320
Invictus GT320