This sliding door shower cabin features an essential style. The vertical line of the iron handle lights up the crystal panel.
Before the affirmation of touchscreen technology, this portable module for the diagnostics of emissions on motor vehicles defined the point of arrival, for clarity of visualization and ease of use, in the context of traditional interfaces.
A steering wheel for sporty vessels.
The aesthetics of this vehicle for street cleaning is inspired by the sharp edges of lunar exploration rovers.


A minimal sign, to give form to a function: thanks to its essential geometry, the Gem bollard, designed for Foresti e Suardi.
The seat ICS, an acronym for Interactive Seat Comfort, stems from a deep ergonomic study.
Elegant and refined, Indigo aims to be the new benchmark for the Motorhome category thanks to its design and cutting edge furnishing solutions.
This helm, custom designed for the prestigious SanLorenzo yachts, is conceived to express the utmost elegance.
Safira, designed for Kiwy, reaches the highest functionality through state-of-the-art technology.
The first purposes of the creative process for this car seat were versatility and ergonomy. Enveloping and harmonious shapes match with technical details.