Lancia di Lancia

As the very first example of the merge of nautical and automotive design,
Lancia Lancia was already an event even before it was launched.

The work on surfaces creates a dialogue of solids and voids, leading the eye over the muscular exoskeleton, with its sportive character further enhanced by the choice of black for livery and hard top, while Martini Racing stripes brand the boat as part of an exclusive series of products.
The formal balance matches with a thoroughbred nature, in a boat that keeps its promises, easily exceeding 50 knots yet still safe and comfortable.

Ideal when taken out for a seaside rendez-vous or even to dock at the Venice Casino, Lancia di Lancia offers open-air excitement thanks to its convertible hard top and to the liveability of the deck. This is the first luxury Lancia on water, and it made is début in society by transporting some of the most famous Hollywood stars along the canals of Venice during the 66th Venice International Film Festival.