An innovative vision of yacht interiors has originated this concept.
Both the spaces onboard and the furniture have been designed to break the rules of nautical design, bringing into a boat the ease and refinement of a private villa.

The volumes are low, wide, composed by subtle plans, marked overhangs, precise recesses drawing subtle shadows on enveloping surfaces.
The ceilings do not simply cover structures and ducts, but play with natural and artificial light; the overall composition results warm and luminous in both dark and bright tones.


The idea of a “minimal boat”, capable of offering shelter and comfort despite an essential line, is rooted in the poetics of Christian Grande Studio. With an overall length of 10 meters, Proibito is a maxi-rib capable of transforming from a pontoon – sundeck to a day cruiser, complete with dinette and living area, as well as a small bathroom below deck, all thanks to sophisticated retractable furnishings. The emerging idea is the one of a boat that is not an object but a space; of a time on board which is not transit but experience.

Strider 22

This concept prefigured the future style orientations of Sacs range. It introduced in the universe of maxi ribs, mostly characterized by an open configuration and a precise sporting vocation, the unusual solution of a covered saloon, capable of combining a more dynamic use with the need for comfort and privacy.

The markedly sloping line of the windshield is an ideal counterpoint to the streamlined sections of the hull, which draws momentum from the tapered tubulars and culminates in the vertical bow straight. Large windows connect both bridges with the horizon.

Armrest concept

Already in 2012, a concept originated from an organic vision of style and engineering of parts; a multifunctional armrest with muscular and ergonomic shapes, in which aesthetic research has involved the design of every smallest component. The controls and accessories integrate perfectly with the lines of the body, for an optimal management of on-board functions and a solution of great visual appeal.

Picchio Boat

Picchio Boat is a eulogy to family life, respect for nature and slowness, meaning the ability to take the time and the space for a complete enjoyment of travelling.
This 21 meters displacing catamaran has been conceived for long cruises in total comfort, fully appreciating the beauty of nature and the intimacy of life onboard: some sort of private island to be lived, without any need to show-off.

The central salon is furnished with a bar and a very large sofa, a dining area and a glass platform, integrated to the floor and overlooking the central tunnel, giving a charming vision of the sea depths.

Acapulco 55

Acapulco 55 has been conceived for an owner who loves speed and strong sensations, with its powerful shapes, inspired by wild predators, and with a dynamic profile designed by the wind. 

55 meters of sport vocation, with wide glass surfaces as well as luxurious but sober interiors, punctuated by precious materials and elegant furniture.

Villa Eucalipto

The design of this concept is the result of a careful and deep research on the issues of green building and the use of eco-friendly materials; the modularity of plans enables the processing of different layouts, through a simple and ingenious system.

The conscious and careful use of materials guarantees comfort and optimizes the energy performance of the building; a portion of the sliding roof allows the interiors to be naturally shaded, still being defined by full-height windows.
Technology marries warmth, naturalness and intimacy.


This two-seater by Scuderie Campari aims to seduce those who love an environmental-friendly vehicle, allowing to listen to the sounds of nature while grasping a steering wheel.

It’s intended for sharing free time, the most precious commodity today, riding along and take in the colors and beauty of the natural surroundings. SC1 references the classic sports cars, reinterpreted in a modern way and enriched with high-tech details using the latest technology and modern forms.