This sliding door shower cabin features an essential style. The vertical line of the iron handle lights up the crystal panel.
Throughout their different variations, the Piacentini pay a tribute to an Italian master of Rationalist architecture of the Thirties, recalling the precise and sound shapes which once characterized his language.
This folding armchair, made of curved teak wood profiles with a trapezoidal section, is the most representative item for the style of ISEO series.
The Italian frames tradition meets state of the art design, in this handmade jewel.
The Manhattan floor lamp achieves the intention of committing to a minimal gesture, to a hieratic silhouette, the chance of decorate entire spaces.
Strength and functionality meet the purest tribute to minimalism: just one material, chrome steel, in a pure geometrical shape
The first purposes of the creative process for this car seat were versatility and ergonomy. Enveloping and harmonious shapes match with technical details.