Boavista is a land of unique suggestions, crossroad of routes and cultures, dialogue of primary elements: the Sun, the wind, the ocean; here, pristine nature allows only moderate and conscious gestures to architecture.
The building leaves the leading role in the play to the enchanting landscape of Boa; a simple quadrangular volume with terraces defines its external surface and its relationship with the horizon through a thin, delicate and dynamic frame.
Each passage, each detail of this 250 sqm penthouse reflects the needs and nature of the landlord; a customized logo, specifically designed, in repeated on floorings, furniture and accessories.
Past is not a mere heritage to us; it is tradition. The matter, molded by architecture, is not inanimate but full of strength and memories.
The creative process introduces in a urban flat the atmospheres of a countryside villa, redefining the identity of a suburban area as a meeting point of two contrasting dimensions.
The interior design project of this exclusive private penthouse has turned upside-down the usual configuration of spaces: the sleeping area downstairs, the living upstairs.
Halfway up on the hillside behind Palau, Villa Buredda builds a patient and silent relationship with the context by means of an organic series of introverted and extroverted spaces.
In Boa Vista, under a compact sky full of light, men’s hands must not add, they should just remodel.