A complete Designer
has to be connected both
to the Past
and the Future

Christian Grande
“The process of design implies a never-ending dialogue between the most subtle detail and the overall impression of an object, a space, a yacht: the choice of materials, the furniture design, the rhythm of light and shadow should awake the emotion of experience. Each project, each accomplishment, stands as an organic system of space, substance and sensation: a tailored dress, fitting and even exceeding the customer’s expectations.”


Design Innovation Award
Genova 2022

Blue Award
Bologna 2022

Design Innovation Award 2020
Genoa 2020

The Monocole Travel Top 50 Awards

Best Motor Yacht, below 60 feet in lenght
Xiamen 2012

Barca dell’anno
Milano 2012

Born Designer
Courchevel 2012

Laboratorio Parma
Parma 2011

Innovation Award 2011
Koln 2011

Best Sport Yacht Design of 2011, under 24 mt length
Cannes 2011

Motor Boat of the Year 2010 Award
London 2010

Best Motoryacht Design of 2009, under 24 mt length
Cannes 2009

Croatian Boat of the Year Award
Port Rose 2008

Best Boat of the Year Award
Miami 2008

Motor Boat of the Year 2008 Awards
London 2008

Winner Pratical Parenting 2007/2008
London 2008

European Boat of the Year 2007
Dusseldorf 2007

Millenium Yacht Design Awards (special mention)
Carrara 2006

Pratical Parenting 2005/2006 – Best Buy
London 2006

Yacht European Trophy, 50/60ft Open
Cannes 2005


CHRISTIANGRANDE Design Works, in Parma since 1992, works in yachting, automotive, interior design and architecture.
A multidisciplinary approach is the chief weapon in design according to Christian Grande, who merges in his work the knowledge of naval engineers, graphic designers and architects. Design as awareness of all the stages of design process, for the best result: from the connection with providers to the productive cycle; from the feasibility study to the usability of materials and the constant cost evaluation. Products are conceived on an industrial way, while the aesthetics show and summarize their features.

Christian Grande