GT370 with Anna Fendi

Italian spirit, creativity, pursuit of beauty, and a constant strive to innovation: these are the concepts joining Invictus Yacht and Anna Fendi,
two world-class representatives of Italian success across the globe, here in a joint project for the very first time.

The result of this unprecedented collaboration is a “Special Edition” of Invictus GT370, one of the most successful models by the Italian shipyard, where the stylist has designed interiors characterized by a thorough research on materials and by the presence of markedly contrasting colors.
This “Special Edition”, thanks to the choice of special furnishings, unique to the yachting world, represents a tribute to the thrill and style of long Grand Tours, as Anna Fendi says: “While decorating this yacht, I started thinking of travel as a concept, and I was inspired by old steamer trunks in parchment and Bulgarian leather. Following a precise color scheme and using materials not usually found in the yachting world, I tried to decorate this seaborne jewel in a very special way and with a strong personality.”