Strider 15

Strider 15 was the founder of a range which, later, has widened up to dimensions between 8 and 19 meters,
keeping a precise identity and an iconic style across models.

The new model, renewed in technical specs and lines, shows the same dynamic and strong character of its ancestor, in a contemporary mood.
The style is deeply contrasting with the edgy and laconic geometries, currently used for ribs; on the other hand, the restless energy vibration that this boat aims to suggest is conveyed through nervations, snorkels, the organig yet never redundant complexity of shapes.
Thus, the overall sensation of balance and coherence is not achieved by means of an often excessive simplification, bordering on flatness; rather by the careful control of details, stresses and materials.
The new hard top floats above the cockpit; the tubes taper towards the bow, increasing the stress of the lateral view.