Grand Ocean

The refitting project which turned Golden Odissey, built in 1990 by Blohm+Voss, into the new Grand Ocean, has called for the need to give a new connotation to this 80-ft masterpiece, without betraying its original allure. The studio style, known for its organic forms and sleek and dynamic lines, has given way to the classic design that makes the works of Blohm+Voss recognizable; this new synthesis has been able to align the boat with the needs of a modern owner, thanks to a few well-considered gestures. The stern features a large beach area, which is very close to the waterline according to the modern owner’s needs. 

By changing the design of this part of the boat, the length overall has increased, while maintaining the well balanced side view thanks to the use of colours too. The dark colour of the external walls alongside the walk sides enhances the horizontal impetus and underlines the level of the various decks. The new interiors reflect the latest usage trends and they were designed with a sensitivity borrowed from civil architecture works; the quality of the spaces dialogues with the refinement of the details. To offer private moments of great charm, the master cabin is now towards aft, on the top deck, linked to an exclusive private terrace equipped with a small pool. All the furniture is custom made and combines luxurious materials in a contemporary and fresh style. Finally, a wide opening astern connects visually sun deck and top deck, allowing the perception of the harmony of paces.